Rainbow Serpent Journeys- 3 Month Guided Journey

This Journey is Right For You


If you are wanting to: 

  • align to the "next level" that is uniquely right for you

  • create significant change

  • walk a path of self mastery, spiritual connection and personal empowerment

Mentorship program -

3 Month Sacred Inner Journey-

(with ceremonies & benefits to be used over a one year period)

  • Is suitable for any level of experience and for any intention  (healing, connection, initiation, etc) 

  • In terms of the intention (Spiritual GPS we set): You are the writer, director, actor, reviewer, and ultimately - recipient of the great award (achievement of intention)

  • In this mentorship I am committed to your healing and growth. My role is to support, connect, remind, and guide. I will support you in seeing what needs to be seen, receive gifts ready to be received, and hold space for you as you move along this most important and sacred journey

  • The goal of mentorship is Empowerment. You will receive tools, healing and insight needed to anchor true and lasting transformation. 

3 Month commitment: $500/ month *Ceremonies to be used within 1 year 

More on this program

Guidance on and support for your intention of healing & next level of soul connection/ expression

Three (3) private ceremonies with Amy - can be used at any time and in any configuration (Single Night, Double Night, Four in a Row, etc)

Six (6) one hour integration calls (every other week) over a three month period.

20% off of ceremonies or events I offer outside of this

If you are looking to create significant change, are wanting to clear out a few last energetic items, and are looking to connect to your next level(s)- this is right for you. 

Next Steps

1. If we have not yet discussed Mentorship as an option, please contact me on the form below or via email here to set up a time to chat. Otherwise you can move to step #2.

2. Amy will send you a registration & questionnaire link

3. You submit the completed questionnaire - identifying your intention

4. We set up a kick off call to review, discuss, align, and layout any next steps  or prep work

5. Schedule first ceremony


We are all connected!

Send us your questions, testimonials, or comments on the form to the right, via email, text or phone.

If you would simply like to chat through what you are looking for, what Amy offers, and whether this is a right fit, submit the form requesting a chat and we will coordinate with you! It's that easy. 

Address. Winter Park, FL 32789

Email. SacredTempleHealingArts@gmail.com

Phone. 407.927.7500

Thank you for your message. We will reply soon. Many Blessings! Rainbow Serpent @ Sacred Temple