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Calling the Goddess from Within ~ April 2nd to 4th, 2021

ADS April 2021.png

In This Weekend You Will:

  • Be Empowered with Sacred Healing Arts & Practices to Restore & Reclaim Your Sovereign Sacred Feminine Energy

  • Receive a Womb Energy Healing to Clear Past Energy Imprints

  • Open to Your Organic Sensuality

  • Flow in Your Creative Energy

  • Activate Deeper Connection to Your Intuitive Gifts

  • Be Empowered to Share the Womb Blessing Energy Healing & Transmission with Others

We begin two weeks ahead at home with Awakening Divine Shakti tools provided such as:

  • Yoni Egg for Clearing Blocked & Congested Energy

  • Guided Sacred Sound Womb Healing Meditation

  • A special Envisioning, Offering & Healing Practice


During the weekend you will experience:

  • Sacred Shakti Movement

  • Transformational Breathwork Ceremony

  • Guided Energy Awakening Exercises

  • Healing Meditation

  • Sacred Midnight Sound Bath

  • Flowers & Plants for Opening Energy of the Body

  • Womb Healing Energy Transmission & Empowerment

Logistics & Lodging

  • Private comfortable bed

  • Organic meals

Energy Exchange: $808 (payment options available)

My intention in creating and offering this is to EM-Power you with sacred tools of healing & energy initiation in which to assist you in returning to your True Power, Your Creative Potential, and Free Flowing Divine Feminine Energy.

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