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Belly Dance Basics: Simply Technique with Amy

  • 8Steps


Amy's Intention in creating this 8 Lesson Course with over 2 hours of easy to follow instruction is to introduce core "Belly Dance" movements and offer simple & proper technique to support you in your dance journey. Included Lesson 1: Snake Arms & Hip Lifts 17:17 Lesson 2: Hip & Chest Drops and Lifts; Shoulder Shimmies 16:51 Lesson 3: Hip & Ches Circles, Rib Cage Slides 18:58 Lesson 4: Hip Figure Eights & Variations 14:44 Lesson 5: Belly Rolls & Intro to Undulations 16:15 Lesson 6: Pelvic tucks & Undulations 16:11 Lesson 7: Interior Hip Circles 15:47 Lesson 8: Horizontal Hip Figure Eights 14:50 Please note: This 8 part course is a foundational course that is focused on teaching technique you can apply to other videos where we will offer more dancing, combinations and training.

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