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Mt. Shasta MA Retreat

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Registration Closes Sunday, April 16th

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Sacred Mt Shasta MA Retreat (California)
June 19th - June 24th, 2023

We will come together as a small and  intimate group in sacred Mt. Shasta California Monday, June 19th (10am) - Saturday, June 24th (mid-morning).


Mt Shasta is known as a vortexual center and during this Sacred Journey guided by Amy Anthony of Sacred Temple Healing Arts we will be attuning our BEings to the sacred wisdom, magic and beauty found both on & "in" Mount Shasta as well as other sacred spots nearby. 


This journey is a journey of daily Spirit Body practices coupled with Nature Immersions centering in and on sacred sites on this magical land that will open and align your Spiritual energy with your physical body . 


This journey is for those who are physically fit and enjoy being in nature. We will be led by the energies of the Blue Rose. We will be walking each day, exploring the trinity energies within ourselves and this land of KU-MA-RA, honoring the indigenous ancestors & calling the Invisible realms into BEing with us. We will be on this beautiful and sacred Mother Mountain. We will experience sacred Falls, lakes, stones & land. We will journey to the mouth of God, expeirence the Mother Tree and more. 


During our time together we will have two sacred ceremonies & experience the energy of Summer Solstic as well as receive a Blue Rose Crown Activation.


We will convene ahead in our private online group with our formal prep  beginning one month ahead of our journey. We will continue in our connection as we conclude with our integration phase which runs approximately one month post retreat. 


Space is limited.If you resonate reserve your space. You can pay in full for a discount or select a payment plan. If you need another customization for your payment plan we are very open to supporting that. Please reach out to us at:


  • Guided by Amy Anthony

  • Sacred Site Nature Immersions

  • Summer Solstice

  • Blue Rose Crown Chakra Activation

  • Small & Intimate High Level Group

  • 2 Sacred Ceremonies

  • Lodging: private bed 

  • Transportation during retreat in Mount Shasta (Monday 10am - Saturday)​

  • Delicious healthy, clean organic food

  • Prep Begins 1 Month Ahead

  • Integration 1 Month Post Retreat

  • All Who Resonate  Are Welcome

Duet, solo & private or shared room options. 

Reserve for as little as $500. Full payment discounts. 

Duet & Trio Discounts ($100 off each for duet; $200 off each for trio;)

Customized & standard payment plans are available.

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