Rainbow Serpent Journey Timeline

If you have Questions..

Step 1:

Register Online

Register Online

Step 3:


Questionnaire Review   &Registration approval

Step 5:

Kick Off Call

Zoom- Questionnaire Review, Intention Align, Energy Balancing, Q&A

Step 7:

COVID Protocol

2 Days Ahead We Confirm

No COVID exposure

& You Are Feeling Good

Step 9:

Integration Zoom

Post Ceremony

One on One Integration Zoom 1

Step 2:

Complete Your Questionnaire

Link Sent Via Email

Step 4:

Important Info

What to Expect, Diet, Meds to Avoid, How to Prep, Etc.

Step 6:

Prep (Docs & Videos)

Ceremony Prep Videos

& Zoom Prep Review

Step 8:


3 Days/ 2 Night

Sacred Experience

Sacred You

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