Reiki Master, Sekhem Master, Adamantine Energy Healer,

Sound & Light Therapist, Meditation & Yoga Teacher, Sacred Dancer

   For the past 25 years I have been on a conscious spiritual path and have had the honor of being trusted by many as they journey on theirs. I want you to know you can establish greater peace in your mind, renewed aliveness in your heart, and a very clear connection with your soul. I know because I myself have and have supported and guided many others as they have too.

 This path of transformation is more fascinating than any fantasy or fiction. The journey back to you is one that is never too late (or too soon!) to begin and absolutely worth taking. I look forward to supporting, guiding, and empowering you on your most sacred and transformational journey. ~ Amy

Hi, I'm Amy


  What Others Are Saying About Amy         

 "I say this with much conviction- Amy is the most advanced and powerful Shaman/ Healer/ Maestra I have ever worked with in my life. She is a master at seeing & guiding energy where it needs to go. She always knows exactly what to say, is very loving, nurturing and creative, listens to and follows her deep inner wisdom and is a conduit for pure white light." - Ana V

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