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What is Transformational Energy Healing? 

   Being your best You & living your best life! 

  • ​Knowing that you can BE your best self and that in doing so -  live a life that uniquely fulfills you 

  • Daring to ask yourself "In what ways do I desire to be more vibrant, alive, connected, whole or complete?"

    • (We then set this intention as a "Spiritual GPS", guiding your transformational healing journey)

  • A process of aligning the heart, body, mind and spirit in a direction that serves your highest and best expression

  • An awareness of obstacles - to be healed and moved through - to reveal your best self

  • A liberation from limiting patterns leading to greater self love, self value, self expression, self empowerment ~ self mastery

  • An awakening to new ways of feeling, sensing, seeing, receiving, sharing, expressing or knowing 

  • A sacred journey home to self, soul and spirit

Transformational energy healing can be experienced in a single session or a multi month inner journey where we focus on anchoring in long lasting and self sustaining energy and habit patterns when more significant transformation is desired.  

If you aren't sure where to start begin with:

Transformational energy healing is: 

You can also schedule a time to speak with Amy to ask your questions, share your intentions and determine if this feels right for you.

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