Current Schedule 

Arrive: 2pm Friday    Exit: 12pm Sunday

Weekend Pricing: $900/ person

Maximum 4 Participants


Ahead of your healing event:

  • One on One Intro call for each person

    • Alignment on Intention

    • Energy Balancing via Zoom

    • Customized Vibrational Remedy

  • Pre-ceremony Preparation (Video & Literature)

    • What to Expect

    • How to Prepare

    • Navigating the Experience

    • & More

During your healing experience:

  • Guidance & Instruction from Master Guide/Shamana Amy Anthony

  • Facilitator to assist with ceremony

  • 2 Sacred Healing Ceremonies

  • Safe, clean, clear space and guidance

  • Private comfortable bed

  • Organic food (snacks, tea, dinner, breakfast, etc)

  • Sharing circle, Integration & Close

Post ceremony

  • Integration call (one on one)  & Zoom Energy Balancing

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Step 4:

Kick Off Call

Energy Balancing, Intention, Timeline, QA

Make contact, secure dates, make payment

Step 5:

Pre-Meet Call

Prep Session-

Remote or in Person

Step 2:


Complete & submit Intake Questionnaire

Step 6:


Sacred Experience

Sacred You

Step 3:


Registration approval & Important Info Sent

Step 7:

Integration Call

One on One Integration call  post experience


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Phone. 407.927.7500