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Sound Movement Light Vibration

Energy Healing Sessions are Deeply Healing & Therapeutic
They are Recalibrations & ReConnections 
Each 90 minute sessions includes follow up observations relative to your session & energy field

In Person

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In All Energy Healing sessions Amy attunes to:

  • Your Energetic System

  • Your Intention

  • Consciousness 

Energy Healing sessions can be conducted:

  • In Person 

  • via ZOOM

A Typical Sound Medicine & Energy Alignment Healing Session utilizes:

  • Energy Transmission 

  • Vibrational Sound Tools Such As Crystal Bowls, Tonal Sound, Tuning Forks

  • Breath 

  • Color 

Other Tools That Might Be Used Are: 

  • Colored Light 

  • Mantra 

  • Visualization 

  • Movement 

  • Toning 

  • Hape' (Amazonian Medicine)

  • Sananga (Amazonian Medicine) 

  • Etc

Earth Based Energy Healing Sessions (currently only available in person) utilize Energy Transmissions, Vibrational Sound Instruments plus Indigenous practices Amy has come to work with over the years such as: 

  • Amazonian Protections, Prayers & Blessings

  • Sacred Songs (Icaros)

  • Earth Instruments such as: Rattles, Leaves, etc. 

  • Calling in of "Nature Energies" such as:

    • Mother Earth ​

    • Great Spirit

    • Specific Plants, Flowers or Trees

A Beautiful & Powerful In-Person Combination is:

  •  Sound Medicine & Energy Alignment Healing Session

  •  Hape ' or Sananga (Amazonian Earth Based Medicine)

General Info
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