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Sedona - The Galactic Chakra

I will offer a FREE group Sedona Energy Transmission here.

I am also (for the first time!) offering Personal Energy Transmissions

In these High Light Code Energy Transmissions I move into a state of deep meditation and follow a process I was first introduced to by cosmic intelligence more than 20 years ago.  I attune to specific vibrational codes of Light and transmit them through expressions such as sacred dance or movement, sound,hand positions or symbols (mudras), and direct transmission of energy. A person or receiver can attune or entrain to these frequencies of Light simply by seeing, hearing or being energetically open to receiving them. 


Personal Energy Transmissions use the same process to connect but we are asking then for that layer or code of consciousness  to transmit frequencies specific to a person's energetic purpose and vibratory state.

High Light Code Energy Transmission #3


My intention behind these High Light Code Energy Transmissions is that they serve to uplift many - acting as a catalyst for soul awakening and deep remembering - a vibrational reconnection to one’s Divine Source.

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