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Transmission #1:

Portal to the Great Central Sun

Transmission #2:

88 Doorway to Infinity

Transmission #3:

High Light Codes

My intention behind these High Light Code Energy Transmissions is that they serve to uplift many - acting as a catalyst for soul awakening and deep remembering - a vibrational reconnection to one’s Divine Source.

What are High Light Code Energy Transmissions?


In these High Light Code Energy Transmissions I follow a process I was first introduced to by cosmic intelligence more than 20 years ago. I center myself in Loving presence and align to the Highest and Purest Light. From this space I move into a state of deep meditation and attune to specific spaces of Higher Consciousness or vibrational codes of Light and act as a channel transmitting them through expressions such as sacred movement, sound, hand positions or symbols (mudras), and direct transmission of energy. These transmissions will be conducted from Sedona - and in the energy of one of the active vortexes (Earth's energy centers). The vortex energy that runs through Sedona is absolutely cosmic or galactic.


What makes the personal Transmission unique?

For these personal readings I align to the energy and then will call forward (in spirit) your Divine Earthly & Heavenly presence. From this clear, aligned, Divine, and protected space I ask permission to transmit whatever frequencies or codes of Light might be of service to you, your purpose, your soul/spirit and for your greatest and highest good. I wait in meditation for as long as is needed for the energy to connect and then the transmissions take place.   A person or receiver can attune or entrain to these frequencies of Light simply by seeing, hearing or being energetically open to receiving them.

3 Tools for your High Light Code Attunement

With your video, audio recording and your imprinted crystal you will be able to use these tools to attune your energy field to over and over again.

This recording with vibrations, movements, mudras (hand "symbols") and energy transmissions will be absolutely specific to you. Sedona is (in my view) the Cosmic / Galactic energy center of the planet so the High Light Energy Codes that I work with and that come through are from a very benevolent and high vibrational energy field.


The beautiful thing about energy - and energy transmissions- is that our minds do not have to understand. There are transmissions in vibration, energy, symbols and sound that speak to our Being on a much different level than our every day mind tunes into. Consciousness, information or Light Codes are transmitted as vibrations - or light code packets of consciousness and information. We can unpack this information in the timing that is right for us. Some information and energy opens quickly other waits for a specific moment in time. 

Energy Transmissions 2020 #1- 3

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