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Igniting Fire of Kundalini Shakti - May 7th to 9th


MAY 7TH TO 9TH 2021


Awakening Divine Shakti Weekend

(Central Florida)

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My intention in creating and offering this is to EM-Power you with sacred tools of healing & energy initiation in which to assist you in returning to your True Power, Your Creative Potential, and Free Flowing Divine Feminine Energy.

In This Weekend You Will:

  • Be Empowered with Sacred Healing Arts & Practices to Restore & Reclaim Your Sovereign Sacred Feminine Energy

  • Immerse in the Healing & Liberating Power (Shakti) of Sound, Rhythm, Movement & Energy

  • Have opportunities to experience Ecstatic Embodiment

  • Recover Joy & Immerse in Spirit (Inspiration)

  • Be a Part of a Sacred Fire Ceremony

  • Flow in Your Creative Shakti Energy

  • Explore Shakti Igniting Dance & Practices

  • Receive a Kundalini Shakti Ignition Transmission

Optional Add On:

1 or 2 Night (May 10th-12th) Sacred Healing Ceremony

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