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Journeys & Retreats 

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Sacred Temple Body
Our Bodies Are A Divine Design
A Sacred Spiritual Technology

We Are Divinely Designed As A Bridge Between Earth & Sky
As Receivers & Transmitters of Consciousness

Awakening Kundalini Shakti MA will run 5 days in Sacred Sedona.- City of Star People- September 16th to 20th (Saturday to Wednesday). Each day we will be receiving and embodying Spirit Body Teachings & Practices (Movement, Yoga, Sound Meditation, Toning, Breathwork, Dance) to activate and awaken our Kundalini Shakti MA. 

Kundalini is a term used to describe our untapped energetic potential that is said to lie coiled (like a serpent) at the base of the spine.

The spine can be seen as the Energetic Circuit Breaker of the Body.


Shakti is the term used in sanskrit to describe the feminine portion of the the masculine (Shiva/consciousness) / feminine (Shakti/energy) balance. Shakti is the primordial cosmic life force energy that moves throughout the Universe whose name means "power" & activating energy.


We will be exploring the activation of our Sacred Temple Body - that connection between our physical temple (our body), the energy circuit breaker (our spine), the Kundalini (at the root) and the Shakti (activating cosmic energy)


We will be learning about the way our energy connects to the Cosmos - and how the coming together of the Cosmos & our prepared Body can result in the Awakening of the Kundalini Shakti - or our higher vibrational/ next level expression, connection & potential.

This phase of  "Awakening Kundalini Shakti"  will be all Spirit Body based. Meaning we will be actively aligning the Spirit Body through Kundalini Awakening practices connected to Mystery School traditions such as Egyptian, Incan, Hindu & the Star Lineages.


Some of these practices will be ancient. Some will be present day. Others will be new and what some once called "Future". 

Each day we will be balanced between our Sedona studio space with half day (or night) also committed to going to Sacred Sites on Sedona's sacred land. 

This year we will be making this experience more accessible by offering a lower price point with each participant determining their lodging.  We will provide connections between participants in order to share spaces.Our intention is to make these teachings & experiences as accessible as possible. 

We have a second phase of our time in Sedona with an Equinox weekend of sacred ceremonies. This information will be sent out through our sister Temple - Temple of Divine Mother Vine. 

Awakening Kundalini Shakti MA 

September 16-20th, 2023

  • *Day 1:

    • Saturday AM: In Studio: Activating Earth & Sky Energies 

    • Saturday PM: Sacred Site: Awakening Ecstatic Star Dance

  • *Day 2: ​

    • Sunday AM: Sacred Site: Hindu Kundalini ​Teachings 

    • Sunday PM: In Studio: Hindu Practice & Embodiment

  • *Day 3: ​

    • Monday AM: In Studio: Egyptian Kundalini Teachings

    • Monday PM: Sacred Site: Egyptian Practice & Embodiment

  • *Day 4: ​

    • Tuesday AM: In Studio: Incan Kundalini Teachings

    • Tuesday PM: Sacred Site: Incan Practice & Embodiment

    • Night Time: Sacred Site: Star Teachings & Embodiment

  • *Day 5: 

    • Wednesday AM: Sacred Site: Awaken, Activation & Closing​

*This is simply a general schedule idea for your envisioning & understanding. 

Sedona FAQs

September 16-20th, 2023

  • What Is Included Ahead of Our Retreat: 

    • Spirit Body Pre-Retreat Preparation:

      • Awakening Kundalini Shakti MA Foundational Spirit Body Teachings & Practices

    • Online Group

    • Group Prep Call 

  • What Is Included During Our Retreat: ​​

    • 5 Days of Teachings, Spirit Body Practices, Embodiment Immersions & Activations

      • In Studio & On Sacred Sites Daily​

    • Lunch (optional)

    • Community Connections 

    • Incredible Memories 

    • Transformation 

  • What is NOT Included In Our Retreat

    • Airfare 

    • Transportation 

    • Lodging

    • Meals outside of Lunch 

Pricing & Options

September 16-20th, 2023

Pricing - Two Options 

Option 1: Activities Only (you determine your lodging)

  • 5 Day BYOLunch Option: $777

  • 5 Day Standard Option: $999 (includes lunch - organic & delicious)

  • To Reserve: 

    • Reserve with $333 Deposit with Balance divided into two additional payments - to be paid in full by August 31st. 

  • Note: All participants are responsible for their own transportation 


Option 2: Lodging 4 Nights) & Activities 

  • $2500 (4 Nights of Lodging + Activities & Lunch)

  • *Note:

    • Lodging is Saturday night to Wednesday

    • Add on nights (Friday or Thursday) may be available for an additional fee

    • Lodging does not include food. Meals will be community purchase, prepare & share 

    • All participants are responsible for their own transportation 

  • To Reserve: 

    • Reserve with $1111 Deposit with Balance divided evenly in two additional payments due in full by August 31st.

  • Next Steps

    • Reserve Your Spot

    • We Will Confirm Your Registration & Send General Event Details Including Studio Address & Some Recommended Lodging Options

    • We will add you to our Online Sedona Retreat Group & share schedule & what to expect 

    • Foundational Teachings & Exercises go out 1 month ahead for you to prep your Sacred Temple Body ahead! 

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