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The Lions Gate is a High Vibrational Alignment of the energies of the Star Sirius, Our Mother Earth & Father Sun. During this annual alignment - the height of which happens on August 8th- a Cosmic Doorway, Portal or - yes, Gate is opened. This Gate opens us to more clearly and easily receive Higher Vibrating Cosmic Light Codes & Energies. Conscious use of these opportunities can assist in accelerated Healing & Ascension (“Healing” meaning:: Returning to Wholeness, Heart Mind Coherence, Returning to Unity. “Ascension” meaning the path we travel in which to return to that Unity Consciousness. )

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Join Us For High Vibrational Spirit-Body Attuning Experiences


  • Elevate Your Vibration

  • Get Connected

  • Immerse in Joy

  • Receive Next Level Downloads

  • Ground Into Higher Consciousness

What is Lion's Gate? 

Nothing to book right now. Check back soon.
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