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Free 7 Day Mantra Challenge: Love Is All There Is 

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The Idea Is Simple: Love Is All There Is 
A Mantra - from the Sacred Temple Healing Arts perspective - is a vibrational bridge of sacred sound that attunes & aligns the receiver. With openness & focused curiosity - the receiver then begins to transmit these vibrations or energies. 

7 Days - Commit to this receiving & exploring this Mantra DAILY of  "LOVE IS ALL THERE IS". The beauty & power of this commitment is that you will notice yourself in days of ease, challenge or in between - while this mantra is opening through you. You are building a vibrational relationship day by day. Whatever the human condition, still come to BE with this Mantra. 

Each day for 7 days I will share with you a new way to receive this mantra- some are in stillness, some are in play. Explore & Experiment to see what clicks for you. You may choose to utilize a single option - maybe one I offer - or maybe one you already know-  Whatever it is continue daily "pulsing" this Mantra "Love Is All There Is".  Commit to this.

Begin Day 1 with the downloadable audio below &/or the video.

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