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Corporate Culture Has Evolved.
Mindfulness & Meditation are Proven to Increase
Effectiveness, Retention, Creativity, & Health

 Mindfulness & Meditation 

The New Corporate Culture
On A Mission to Share A New Corporate Culture

On A Mission to Share A New Corporate Culture

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"Mindful Immersion" Benefits

  • clarity of mind

  • focused concentration

  • increased productivity

  • inspired creativity & collaboration

  • ability to pause before reacting

  • increased vitality


Burnout & Employee Turnover is Real 


  • is a leading cause of loss of key talent. Simply stated burnout leads to high turnover

  • leads to diminished performance, loss of productivity and creativity

Harvard Business School reports that US employers spend 200 to 300 percent more on absenteeism, sick days & lower productivity- than they do on health care payments. 

Integrating the Value of Mindfulness
Into Corporate Culture  

Percentage of people who say that they’d like to see more investment in mental health and wellness to improve company culture: