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Healing Journey

Multi-Session Options: Committing to the Journey


 Allow Me To Support & Guide 

As We Journey Towards Your Intention

For three decades I have been devoted to the immersion in & sharing of Sacred Spiritual Places, Spaces, Practices & Arts.

I have immersed in Jungles, Ashrams, Monasteries & Temples & have received many gifts & experiences I am here to share. 

"My experience and knowledge are the Medicine I am here to share."


In our sessions I listen to you & your intention while simultaneously listening to your energy as a guide.


I provide tools & experiences of recalibration & remembering to support you as you reconnect once again.


We move at your timing. Wherever you are at, whatever you may need - I am Here to meet you there - to share & support you as far as you wish to go - celebrating, guiding & championing you every step of the way. - Amy 

  • 4 Session Energy Balance & Mentoring

    4 In Person Session: 90 Min. Sound Healing - Energy Body Alignment
    Valid for one year
    • Four(4) Sound Healing & Full Energy Body Alignment Sessions
    • Initial Energy Assessment & Overview - Audio Recording
    • Private Share Folder- Housing Your Journey Resources
    • Spirit Body Practices
    • Customized Vibrational Remedy Support Healing
    • Closing Energy Assessment: Reflections, Growth & Guidance
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