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Marosa Dieta: Heal Your Heart, Reset Your BEing, and Tune Back Into Yourself

Updated: May 6, 2023

A Dieta is a daily commitment for a specific period of time in which to create sacred time, sacred space, and a sacred place for the purpose of attuning to and receiving the spirit, vibration, or wisdom of a sacred plant, flower, or tree. Marosa is an Amazonian Flower and Master Teacher Plant, and is one of the main Dietas prescribed in the Jungle, specifically for Heart healing. Starting on June 1st to June 15th, you can join Amy Anthony for a guided, at home, 2 week long Amazonian Flower Healing Journey (aka: Dieta) with "Mamacita" Marosa. Continue reading to learn more about this sacred plant medicine journey and the benefits of this beloved Amazonian heart healing flower.

What is a Sacred Dieta?

In Indigenous cultures, part of the Shamanic path and practice has been using Dietas to help tune into the vibrational frequencies and wisdom of ourselves, plant medicine, Father Sky, and Mother Earth. Each plant has their own spirit and vibrational frequency. Maestra Marosa, or Mamacita Marosa, is a powerful, yet subtle spirit that aids you along your journey in transformation, healing the fractures of the heart.

Traditionally, Dietas were done in isolation in the jungle allowing one to be completely focused on receiving the healing, wisdom and connection from the Spirit of the dieted plant, flower or tree. Those in Indigenous cultures that walk the Shamanic path have used Dietas for thousands of years.

Modern Times, Modern Dieta

Even though we live in Modern Times, the call for inner balance, spiritual connection and healing only seems to be increasing. We have come to a point where we are being required to balance our everyday human self with an increasing connection to and understanding of our spiritual self. This Modern Dieta was created for these Modern Times serving to support our bridging of our Humanity and Divinity.

A Modern Dieta is a daily commitment for a specific period of time in which to create sacred time, sacred space, and a sacred place for the purpose of attuning to and receiving the spirit, vibration, or wisdom of a sacred plant, flower, or tree. In this Sacred Healing Dieta, we enter into a sacred relationship with the Amazonian Master Flower and Teacher “Mamacita” Marosa, ultimately coming into union with her healing and wisdom in the following ways:

  • Adhering to a specific diet before, during, and after your Dieta

  • Receiving a Sacred Dieta “tea” each day

  • Receiving your vibrational elixir during and after your Dieta

How wonderful it is to have the opportunity to participate in such a Dieta from your own home with an online group of like-minded others? To make the most of this opportunity requires a special discipline. Not only is it a daily commitment for you to set aside sacred time, but you must also create a sacred space and place where you can deeply connect to your current state of feeling and BEing, allowing the Spirit, Vibration, and Intelligence of the Marosa flower to be received.

Dried Marosa Flowers Used to Make Tea

Mamacita Marosa and Her Benefits

Maestras from Amazonian tribes such as the Shipibo choose Marosa as a key spiritual ally in their healing work. Mamacita Marosa is a healing plant that can help a person embark on a journey into the self in a deeply experiential way. The beloved heart healing plant is well known amongst Amazonian Shipibo healers for her power to heal a broken heart, and inspire a renewed appreciation and love of self, and the beauty that resides within.

With her tiny white flowers and blade-like leaves, this strong feminine plant helps those who want to reconnect to the energy of the universe, and find the light and love within themselves that has long been hidden in the shadows. The protective light from the Marosa flower slowly and subtly begins entering the cracks where the shadows sit within, bringing restoration and coherence to the heart, while allowing you to witness the wounded, broken, and shadowy places you may, or may not, have known were there.

Mamacita Marosa will help heal a broken heart, as well as release any grief that may reside within. Those who have suffered from abuse, abandonment, or traumas will benefit greatly from this Dieta. She will take you on a journey of self love, self worth, and self value, allowing you to come back to the oneness of yourself.

This Master plant opens the heart and restores its balance with mind and spirit, while teaching us to hold a deeper understanding of love, compassion, and creativity. She teaches you how to love yourself, and how to love all that is. To remind us that we ARE love.

Mamacita Marosa Sacred Dieta

Starting on June 1st to June 15th you can participate in your very own at home, flower healing journey with like-minded individuals. This Modern Dieta will allow you to receive the Wisdom and Heart Healing of this Master Flower and Teacher from the Amazon.

Join Amy Anthony for the 2 week long Mamacita Marosa Sacred Plant Healing Dieta that includes the following:

1) Amazonian Marosa flowers for your 14 day Dieta (directly from Peru)

2) A Vibrational elixir to support you during and post Dieta

3) Meditations and workbook exercises

4) ZOOM sessions:

  • Group “Marosa Energy Attunement” with Amy

  • Group ZOOM kick off, share and closing

  • Support from Amy throughout your Dieta

It is allowed to be easy. You are allowed to love and serve yourself. Sign up today to receive an early bird discount that ends on May 11th, the vibrational elixir, and Marosa flowers. Learn to love and find yourself again by joining us in this transformational Dieta journey.


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