Reveal the essence of who you truly are; experience greater peace, expand the energy of your heart, feel more connected to your soul.


Amy will attune to your energy while working with you and utilize tools such as gemstone crystalline sound, reiki, sekhem or adamantine energy healing, color. song, tuning forks (to open the energetic pathways), sacred languages (mantras or icaros).breath, percussion or music to bring you into peace and balance.


Each person has unique gifts to reveal and has also walked a path thus far unique to them. Energetic information is revealed pointing us to areas holding energy where once released a more liberated self can emerge.



Please note: It is not required for you to submit a specific intention. .

90 Minute Energy Balancing

  • Cancellations require 24 hours or more notice: We understand life happens and are more than happy to cancel or reschedule. For standard sessions ( 90 minutes to 4 hours) we require a minimum of 24 hours notice. For overnight or multi-night intensives we request notice 5 days or more. Thank your for your cooperation, understanding and support. Sacred Temple Healing Arts