Divine Gifts: 

A Sacred Temple Healing Arts Frequency Elixir

  • Activate Kundalini
  • Clear Karmic Imprints
  • Balance ♂♀ Energy 
  • Open to cosmic love 
  • Connect to creativity through divine Play & joy 
  • Elevate Your Vibration
  • Divine gifts


2 oz. liquid Frequency Elixir includes 8 flower essences, clear quartz crystal, citrine crystal & serpentine stone


Flower essences are part of an emerging field of subtle energy medicine. These liquid extracts, prepared in nature, hold the etheric energy pattern - or the healing archetypes- of specific plants. They are used to address issues of emotional well-being, soul development, and mind-body health.

Divine Gifts: Frequency Elixir

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  • 2 oz frequency elixir includes 8 flower essences, quartz crystal, citrine & serpentine. This frequency elixir is a vibrational remedy and is non-toxic and has no negative side effects. The essence is vibrational signatures imprinted in water and a very small amount of alcohol.