Kambo Ceremony with Ki Vasquez!

Friday, October 23rd

1pm or 4pm


Kambo is an incredible medicine. One that purges, clarifies and heals. The destination is so worth the journey! Detailed info on Kambo here!


Ki received her training in the jungle and is a respected and loved practitioner of this sacred and healing medicine.


RSVP Required

1 ceremony: $120   



Kambo Prep (will also be messaged to you)

  • Do not eat 12 hours before Kambo ceremony. You can drink water.
  • No medications, supplements, smoothies, juice, etc
  • Have a light dinner. Avoid spicy foods, alcohol, dairy & heavy/hard to process foods
  • Bring 1 gallon of water with you to ceremony
  • Upon arrival to ceremony you will drink 2 liters
  • If you have a favorite cusion or mat to sit/lay on please bring. Otherwise we have something.


Address, prep info & waiver to be signed will be sent to email we receive with this registration.


*Sorry no refunds for no shows or late cancel (less than 24 hours ahead).

Kambo with Ki: Ceremony