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Marosa "Mamacita" Dieta: 14 Day + Support

June 1st - June 15th 


In This Dieta:

  • Guided AT HOME Marosa Dieta- June 1st - June 15th

  • Marosa Tea for 14 Days 

  • Supportive Vibrational Elixir 

  • Marosa Energy Balancing & Attunement Session (ZOOM) with Amy 

  • Support Throughout the Dieta by Amy



Early Bird Special: $444 for Single Payment  through May 11th

Payment Plan Regular pricing: 50% now;50% due May 19th (Message us to adjust payment dates)

Regular Pricing: $555 through May 26thth


*Registration Closes 11:59PST May 26th  so all Marosa Packages can be mailed & received in time. 


In the Amazon Marosa is lovingly called “Mamacita”. Mamacita Marosa is known as a Master plant used for the healing of heartbreak and emotional wounds or traumas and cleaning up sadness.. She is known to open the Heart and restore its balance with the mind and spirit. She brings with her more Light and Clarity into the consciousness and teaches a deeper understanding of Love, Compassion & Creativity. 


Those who have suffered experiences of abuse, abandonment or other trauma, particularly in childhood, often develop low self-esteem and associated unhealthy patterns in adulthood around seeking love and a sense of belonging in the world. Unfulfilling habits like looking for love in the wrong places, giving too much (or too little) in relationships, or allowing disrespect or dishonorable treatment from others, and many other ways that can lead a person to feeling less worthy of love, more uncertain of self, and ultimately even more starved of a sense of belonging in the world.

It is clear that for many people today there exists an intense desire to feel loved and wanted, to feel a full-bodied certainty of value in the world and to be available to experience and share love in healthy ways.  There is also a growing understanding that the search for a healthy relationship must begin with the journey within. This Master plant renews one to joy, confidence and instills self love. She supports focusing on one’s self and listening and honoring one’s bodily feelings.


Next Steps

1 Register 

2. Flowers  & other support material will be sent to you

3. Dieta begins Thursday, June 1st


Marosa "Mamacita" At Home Dieta: 14 Day + Support

$555.00 Regular Price
$444.00Sale Price
  • Refund Policy: There are no refunds for Dietas. Thank you for your understanding & cooperation. 

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