Sedona Vortex Energy Infused: Divine Feminine "Sri Shakti"  (The Shakti Rocks Divine Mother Series)


This very special Shakti Rocks high vibrational pendant has been charged over 4 separate nights with the energy of 4 vortexes in Sedona, Arizona (including during the September 2020 Equinox). This special pendant received an entire night of vortex energy infusion from:

  • The feminine energy vortex
  • The masculine energy vortex
  • The "grandmother" energy vortex
  • The "grandfather" energy vortex

Symbol: Sri Yantra, Angel Aura Quartz crystal, Opals, Natrolite, Quartz Crystals, Aluminum, Steel, Carbon, Sound frequencies, Intention, Healing energy, Love.

Vortex EnergyInfused: Divine Feminine "Sri Shakti"