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Yoni Healing (At Home) Series


Each series includes:

Yoni Stones, Guided Meditation, Yoni Stone Exercises, Workbook


    Rose Quartz: Heart chakra, it helps dissolve the barriers and blockages we have against feeling, giving and receiving the energy of love.

    Red Carnelian: Sacral Chakra: Feminine Empowerment. Best crystal for womb energy healing. It also may assist with restoring passion, motivation, libido and creativity. 

    Nephrite Jade: Heart Chakra, Sacral Chakra & Yoni: Connects our heart with our action & passion. Grounding, calming, balancing & protective. Self love & well-being. 

    Obsidian: Root Chakra. Protective. Powerful for transmuting and releasing trauma and emotions stored in the body- especially in womb space.

    Amethyst: Crown Chakra to Root: Calming, strengthens intuition. Balances emotional body so you can open on a spiritual level and experience increased connection & clarity.

    Clear Quartz: All Chakras: Harmonizing & balancing; Clarifying the entire womb space; fortifiying sovereignty of entire field; Purifies the auric field.


    Scheduled Release Dates Are As Follows:

    • Rose Quartz: September 6th 
    • Carnelian: September 20th
    • Nephrite Jade: October 4th
    • Obsidian: October 18th
    • Amethyst: November 1st
    • Clear Quartz: November 15th



    • Yoni Stones Series
    • With or without yoni stones (If you have your own yoni stones you can opt out of the stone & just receive the exercises, meditation & workbook)



    • It is recommended to use the Yoni Egg with the Yoni Egg String attached. 
    • Simply pass the string through the small hole located on the Yoni Egg to create a loop. 
    • Tie the ends together to create a double knot.
    • Change the Yoni Egg String after each use.


    • If you are using an IUD for contraception, you should use the Yoni Egg without the string, as the string could get tangled with the IUD. Please consult your gynaecologist before use.
    • Do not insert yoni eggs rectally.
    • Please consult a gynaecologist for medical or health-related diagnoses or treatment options. 
    • The use of a Yoni Egg is not a substitute for medical or therapeutic treatment.




      Yoni Healing Series

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