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According to the cosmology of the Amazonian Shipibo-Konibo people, the primordial anaconda Ronin, brought the Universe into existence by singing a song that was depicted in the patterns of her skin. This conveys an understanding that existence is essentially comprised of vibrations, encapsulating the connection between the energetic and material worlds and expressing the link between light and sound.


The serpentine energy of Ronin can be seen expressed in traditional Shipibo kené designs, and every plant, animal and person is thought to possess their own unique design. The visionary state reveals these energetic patterns. Spiritual imbalance and illness in a person can be perceived as breaks in or misalignment of that person’s kené. Disorder in a person’s pattern or imbalances can be repaired in a person by bringing their energetic designs back into cohesive harmony.

Symbology of the Serpent 

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