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Rose Dieta 
Journey of the Goddess
"Embody Your Queen Frequency"

September 2nd - September 30th
Monthlong At Home Rose Dieta
& Goddess Soul Journey Teachings & Activations

Rose Dieta September 2023 v2 Queen Frequency.png

🌹The NEW Rose 👑”Queen” Cycle🌹 is beginning : 

🌹Rose Dieta 🌹
September 2nd- September 30th 
Monthlong at home

The Divine Feminine 🌹Rose Dieta 🌹teachings and qualities related to this

❤️New❤️ Venus cycle in Leo encourage:
🌹The recognition of one's unique gifts and talents
❤️It teaches us to embrace our individuality
❤️To be proud of who we are
❤️To express ourselves authentically without fear of judgment or rejection

🧡To cultivate our 🧡Creativity &  Passion 🔥. 

💃🏼To follow our heart's desires & pursue what brings us Joy 

🏖It reminds us to have fun and to play
🌹to take up space unapologetically


❤️And not to shy away from the spotlight

but rather to embrace it and use it as a platform

to 🙏🏻inspire and positively influence 🙏🏻others ❤️

During this 🌹QUEEN Dieta 🌹,

we will meet & attune to the Divine Feminine energy of:
🦁Sekhmet (Power) & 🪄Isis (Magic) 
🔻Hindu Gooddesses
🌀Shakti (Cosmic Creation)  & ⚱️Lakshmi (Abundance) 
Plus Many Others 🌹❤️🌹

👑Come recover, claim, & BE your

🌹QUEEN Frequency👑

in our monthlong Rose 🌹 Dieta

🔥Payment Plans available🔥

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Rose Dieta January 2023.jpg
2023 Rose Amy Anthony
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Rose Dieta January 2023 SIMPLIFIED.jpg
Dieta Schedule
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Divine Frequency of the Rose 

  • She Carries the Unity Codes of Our Divine Nature 

  • Reboots Us to Our Master Program: Joy, Passion, Peace, Love, Unity

  • Attunes You to Sacred Archetypal Goddess Energies

  • Restores Our Crown - Our Knowing of Our Divine Nature

  • Heals Our Heart Space & Opens the Door to Our Divine Feminine Heart Portal

  • Restores Energy Sovereignty & Empowerment

  • Heals Ancestral Wounds & Energy

  • Decongests Our Sacred Womb Space

  • Unites Our Human Experiences & Expression With Our Divine Expression

  • Taps Us Into Our Unique Divine Feminine Energy & Nature

Rose Videos

Investment & Payment Plan Options

The Monthlong Dieta Investment: 

Standard Exchange $555

We are happy to offer payment plans

Plan A:

$222 to reserve; $111/ two weeks(3x)

Plan B:

$111 to reserve; $222/two weeks (2x)

Plan C:

$222 to reserve: $333/ 1 month (1x)

*We will customize a plan that is right for you.

Please message us.

Rose Dieta Payment

The Videos Below Show Last Years Dieta Dates But Info Is Still Fully Relevant. Please Enjoy - But Refer to Dates On This Page for Current Dieta.