Rose Lineage 
Rose Lineage:The Line of Divine Feminine Consciousness That Winds, Aligns & Flows Through Time Carrying Divinity Codes In Which To Restore, Remind & Unite Us With Our Divine Nature.
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Divine Frequency of the Rose 

  • She Carries the Unity Codes of Our Divine Nature 

  • Reboots Us to Our Master Program: Joy, Passion, Peace, Love, Unity

  • Attunes You to Sacred Archetypal Goddess Energies

  • Restores Our Crown - Our Knowing of Our Divine Nature

  • Heals Our Heart Space & Opens the Door to Our Divine Feminine Heart Portal

  • Restores Energy Sovereignty & Empowerment

  • Heals Ancestral Wounds & Energy

  • Decongests Our Sacred Womb Space

  • Unites Our Human Experiences & Expression With Our Divine Expression

  • Taps Us Into Our Unique Divine Feminine Energy & Nature

Rose Dieta

Modern Times - Modern Dieta

In This Dieta:

  • Guided AT HOME Rose Dieta-  April 16th - May 15th 

  • Daily Rose Tea Communion with the Wisdom of the Rose

  • Rose  Teachings

  • Venus Activations 

  • Ingredients & Instructions to Prepare Your Sacred Rose Dieta Tea

  • Vibrational Rose Elixir - Made by Amy

  • Rose Dieta Opening Invocation & Ceremony

  • Daily Inbox: Rose Lineage Prayer, Sound Meditations,Workbook Prompts

  • Zoom Activations & Share & Prayer Sessions

  • Rose Dieta Closing Ceremony

Rose Dieta & Venus ActivationTestimonials


Testimonial RC Rose

Investment & Payment Plan Options

The Monthlong Dieta Investment: 


We are happy to offer payment plans

Plan A: $250 to reserve; $125 2x/every two weeks

Plan B: $125 to reserve; $125 3x/ every two weeks

Plan C: $100 to reserve; $50 8x/every week 

*We will customize a plan that is right for you.

Please message us here to setup