Sacred Woman Sacred Womb
March 18th -20th

Sacred Woman Sacred Womb.PNG

March 18th - March 20th

Three Days & Two Nights 

Under the Stars, Reconnecting to Earth

Immersing in Sisterhood  

Reclaiming Joy, Fun,

Creativity & Sensuality

So That Once Again We May

Consciously Create

Our Reality

With Joy filled Clarity 

This is a camping weekend!

Location: Christmas, Florida

Bring Your Own Tent or Use Ours. 

Note: This Weekend Is A Reduced Rate Because We Will Ask Each Person In Our Group to Committing To Bringing Key Needs For Our Food. And We will All Be Prepping Food Together. 

Full Weekend Pricing Ranges From: 

$600 = $500 

with Double or Single Options

Weekend Led By: Amy Anthony

with Art Journey-ing led by Johanna! 

Due to the Intense Afternoon Heat & Humidity & Lack of Shade At Our Pre-Selected Retreat Location - We Have Decided to Postpone This Event At This Location Until The Fall. We Have Refunded All Registrants In Full. Please Email Here If You Have Any Questions. 


Sacred Woman Sacred Womb

We Are Keepers of

The Womb of Man (Wo-Man)

As We Recall Our Power of Manifestation

& Conscious Loving Co-Creation 

We Understand


It is From Our United

Womb Space

& Heart Space

In Which We Create


Healing, Clarifying & Purifying

So That Once Again

We May Consciously Create

For The Good Of This Land


Our Most Precious Resource

The First Force

The Primal Force

Our Creative Divine Feminine Force

Sacred Womb-Man