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SEDONA: Celebrating Shakti 

What is Shakti? 

Primordial Divine Feminine Energy

  • The First Primal & Creative Force

  • Divine Cosmic Consciousness - Found in Earth, Water, Fire & Sky, in All

Beginning on the Equinox we will come together on one of our Planet's most sacred lands - Sedona. A place where Future, Present & Ancient Knowledge come together - within us.  

Shamana & Guide Amy Anthony will walk us & initiate us through a magical spiraling labyrinth of Shakti Awakening and & Activating. 

Each day we will be in Daily Devotion to the Shakti in Nature, in Sky, in Spirit - all flowing within & through us through daily devotion to Sacred Shakti Dance, Breathwork, Sacred Sound, Meditation, Prayer, Song. Each Day Together Grounding in this Celebration of Shakti at a Unique Sedona site. We will immerse our senses, our consciousness, our bodies-- in this Sacred Flow of Energy. 

We will receive many experiences of Healing & Shakti Activation. 

We will eat healthy clean food, move our bodies, dance our joy, and celebrate Shakti. 

5 Day Shakti Immersion

Expect, Intend & Open to Transformation & Activation 

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