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Customized Sound Medicine Recordings

sound medicine recording.png

Sound Medicine Recordings

Customized to You $333

Ever dream of having a song made just for you? What about sound medicine created by crystalline gemstone healing sound such as Gold & Crystal, Moldavite, Emerald, Apophylite, Rose Quartz, Sedona Red Rock, Celeste, Selenite- & More!!

How this works: 

  1. You reserve your customized Sound Medicine Recording

  2. We schedule a 30 minute Energy Listening call where Amy will speak to you - learn your intention and then take time to tune into your energy field

  3. After the session Amy will take up to 7 days to create your Sound Medicine recording. This recording will be offered in a short and extended version. 

  4. Once your recording is ready Amy will send you a link to download your one of a kind sound medicine including a report sharing all of the gemstone sounds included and qualities of the note, frequency and gemstone sound. 

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