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Rose Dieta

Daily Communion with Sacred Spirit Rose

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What is a Sacred Rose Dieta (or Communion)?

Quite simply a Sacred Rose Dieta is a commitment for a certain period to create sacred time, sacred space and sacred place in which to receive the spirit, vibration and intelligence of Divine Feminine Spirit Rose; cultivating daily connection and sacred relationship- ultimately coming into full union (Communion) with this Sacred Divine Feminine Healer & Teacher.


Daily Spiritual Dieta of Comm-Union

We come into union (communion) with this Sacred Rose through a commitment to a dieta or a "diet". The diet(a) means many things but the primary word to diet - and all of the other ways we will diet- are in support of receiving the sacred spirit of the Rose. Each day we will come into union (communion) with this Sacred Gift of the Nature Kingdom by receiving (drinking) a decoction or infusion of the Sacred Rose.


The purpose of this Dieta is to Restore & Empower so each person will receive the petals for the Rose Tea and instructions on how to prepare it. We will come together via Zoom on October 6th at the start of our dieta and open the dieta in a sacred ceremony in which permission for us to fully receive the Spirit, Heart and Wisdom of the Rose will be requested and received


Sacred Time

Each Sacred Rose initiate should determine the length of time they are able to commit to this Sacred Rose dieta. We have two options:

-15 Day (New Moon to Full Moon) $222 (October 6th to October 20th)

 (If attending November weekend there is a 50% discount - $111)

-29Day (New Moon to New Moon - Full lunar cycle) (October 6th to November 3rd) $388

(If attending November weekend there is a discount - $261)

Commitment means:

  • Whether working or in stillness an attitude of devotion, attunement and reverence and attention to the vibrations of the Rose and the many ways the Spirit may be working or speaking through and to you should be present for the duration of your dieta. At minimum each day after you receive (aka: drink) the Sacred Dieta Sacrament set aside a minimum of 1 hour of quiet space to attune to the teachings of the Rose as they work and move through you. (If you are very busy you can also simply prepare for rest and receive the Sacred Rose just before rest allowing the messages to unfold as you are moving to and through sleep. Please keep in mind that, especially initially, you may be kept up as the rose is processing through you. Experiment to see what flows best for you.) In addition through your day find creative ways to "carve in" sacred space throughout each day. Creative ideas are enjoying a mindful lunch solo at a park, in your car (if you are on lunch break), in a sacred space. Other ideas, if working (and able), to use headphones to listen to peaceful music; turn off social media for the duration of the dieta (or at minimum vast majority of your day); let friends and family know you are taking time to "go within" and wont be as participative in random social activities; each night if others are in the home find a still and quiet space (e.g., shower, bedroom, outdoors, etc) where you can attune within). The more you can tune in the better.

  • On a daily basis

  1. each morning, midday & before bed of your Sacred Rose Vibrational Elixir.(in the form of a few drops of a tincture)

  2. each evening -about 2-3 hours after a light dinner drinking your Sacred Rose Dieta (in the form of a tea) 

  • sacred space: throughout your day to attune inside. In the morning this could mean journaling, meditation, conscious movement or prayer. If working this could mean a silent lunch in a calm space. At home this could mean daily baths followed by joyful singing or similar. Each day time should be set aside for meditation, prayer &/or journaling.

  • A daily commitment of: loving awareness, ahimsa - harmlessness, self care, meditation, a practice of joy, journaling, and taking the opportunity to resting when you can.

  • Connecting with nature as is possible.

  • A diet of clean food, clean thoughts, clean water.

  • Abstaining from pollutants such as: media, constrictive, reactive or destructive thoughts, actions or emotions, alcohol, recreational drugs, chemicals, masturbation, exchange of sexual energies with others, etc.

Rose Tea Ingredients
& Rose Elixir

By September 28th

Rose Dieta
Opening Ceremony


October 6th ZOOM 

Full Moon
Share & Prayer
*Close Shorter Dieta

October 20th ZOOM

Rose Dieta
Closing Ceremony


November 3rd ZOOM

If you have Questions..

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