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Doorway to Infinity

Energy Transmission #2

This energy transmission was created on 8 8 2020 to align with the cosmic consciousness available to each and every one of us. Our bodies are a literal spiritual technology. Our heart is the master doorway - a portal to higher and purer layers and levels of consciousness. This 20 minutes of pure sound medicine utilizes approximately 20 various gemstone crystalline bowls and every sound is meant to align, protect, harmonize, connect and transport - and then ground you back into your BE-ing here and now. 

I hope this sound medicine and energy transmission serves and guides you well. Sound medicine is meant to be used as a medicine- repeatedly. Please note that the vibrations here are very high. You may notice elevated energy and connection followed by a little clearing the following day (a clearing of a stuff head, etc). These vibrations have the ability to elevate you in every way. Start slowly. If you notice you are clearing a lot .. just slow down a bit and resume at a pace that is right for you. 

Much love & sacred cosmic vibrational journeys to you. Amy

Sound medicine is different than typical music. Sound medicine is meant to be received and absorbed by your entire Be-ing (Body, Mind, Heart, Spirit/Soul). Your energy field and the energy fields around you will be positively impacted by using these vibrations. Your body & energy field will begin to attune to the pure tones & sounds. Alignment will happen. Healing and higher connection can be made. Sound medicine is to be played repeatedly- permitting the sound to "play you", to harmonize you. Fall asleep with it in the background or simply meditate to it a few minutes - or a few hours! - each day. May this medicine serve you Well.

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