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Womb Healing Transmission
& Energy Empowerment

Womb Healing 2024

This Womb Healing Offering includes Preparation, Meditation, Transmission of Healing & Empowerment, Integration & a Blessing as You Are Empowered to Share This Transmission with Others

  • Our Preparation phase 

  • Womb Healing Transmissions 

    • In Person (Central Florida) 

    • Online (ZOOM)

  • Integration of the Transmission 

  • Closing & Empowerment 

*All Resources & Sessions (outside of the Transmission) will be recorded and available online. 

A few weeks post close you will receive a certificate of receiving this Womb Healing and a Manual so that you also can share this Energy with Others

There are options to receive this Womb Healing transmission solo and privately with Amy - moving at your own pace - including an Energy Balancing Session at the start of the preparation phase. Please contact us here for more info. 

Sacred Woman Sacred Womb

We Are Keepers of

The Womb of Man (Wo-Man)

As We Recall Our Power of Manifestation

& Conscious Loving Co-Creation 

We Understand


It is From Our United

Womb Space

& Heart Space

In Which We Create


Healing, Clarifying & Purifying

So That Once Again

We May Consciously Create

For The Good Of This Land


Our Most Precious Resource

The First Force

The Primal Force

Our Creative Divine Feminine Force

Sacred Womb-Man

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