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Rainbow Serpent Divine Feminine Journeys

A Divine Feminine Weekend with Amy
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Divine Gifts
March 6th to 8th, 2020

"Divine Gifts" is a very special Divine Feminine Weekend where the focus and intention is on healing or releasing obstacles in order to more fully open to receive your unique divine gifts.

As with all of this sacred work I, Amy, am here to support, guide, align, connect and protect.

What you are ready to release, what you are ready to receive is ultimately determined by you (Your Soul/Spirit, Mind,Heart, etc.) but trust and know that you will be supported and guided in every way. I will guide and align and teach and share- but ultimately support you as you move through this very beautiful and important journey with Madre the master teacher and the flower essences, Madre's hijas (or daughters).

  • This 3 days/2 night sacred experience will consist of 4 women only.

  • We will have organic food, private beds (shared room), classes, healing experiences and 2 sacred ceremonies.

  • This will be a very beautiful, supportive, healing and sacred experience in a beautiful, safe space with pure energy.

  • Our journey begins 1 week ahead with a special "Divine Gifts" frequency elixir custom made by me, Amy, for this experience. It includes 8 flower essences, citrine & quartz crystal, serpentine stone & gemstone vibrational sound frequencies.

  • I will also prepare a separate unique flower essence for each participant if there are other specific, significant issues you are wanting to work through. 

The cost is 650. 50% deposit required to reserve.Upon reservation a confirmation email will be sent within 24 hours including a link to a questionnaire. This must be completed to confirm approval and final registration.


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