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Awakening To Our Rose Lineage
Awaken Your Divine Feminine Nature

Reclaim & Ground: A 3 Part Offering & Series 

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Rose Lineage 
Rose Lineage:The Line of Divine Feminine Consciousness That Winds & Aligns & Flows Through Time Carrying Divinity Codes In Which To Restore, Rewind, Remind & Unite Us With Our Divine Nature.

Yoni Healing Series:
Reclaim, Heal & Empower
Your Sovereign Creative, Sexual & Sensual Divine Feminine Energy

September 6th: Rose Quartz
September 20th: Carnelian
October 4th: Nephrite Jade
October 18th: Obsidian
Nov. 1st: Amethyst
Nov. 15th: Clear Quartz
$111-$133/ series

Divine Feminine Sacred Shakti, Yoni & Womb Healing practices. Includes Yoni stones, meditations & Yoni awakening exercises. Each series utilizes a different Sacred Yoni stones for unique divine feminine healing & reclaiming energies & properties!

(At home)

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Rose Dieta
Embodying Your Divine Feminine 

Part 1: Oct 6th - Oct 20th
 Part 2: Oct 20th - Nov 3rd
Part 1: $222; Part 1 & 2: $333
Discount Available with Weekend!


"At home" Sacred Dieta (aka: Communion (coming into union)) with Divine Feminine & Divine Restoration Frequency - the Rose for 29 days or 15 days - including roses for your rose dieta, Sacred Vibrational Elixir, Dieta Opening ceremony, daily meditations, shares & prayers on Rose Teachings, Goddess Energies, Path of Venus, Closing Ceremony & More

(At Home)


Beach Retreat:
Awakening to Our Rose Lineage Weekend
Nov 5th - 7th
Discounts Available: 
-Save $222 Bring a Sister & BedShare in Private Room
-40% off Rose Dieta


A weekend dedicated to Awakening to Our Rose Lineage.

We will attune to 5 Key Rose Lineage Goddesses through Breathwork, Sacred Shakti Dance, Meditation, Drumming & More-  then take our place in the Line of the Rose & open to our Unique Divine Feminine Expression.

(In Person)

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Divine Frequency of the Rose 

She Carries the Unity Codes of Our Divine Nature 

Reboots Us to Our Master Program: Joy, Passion, Peace, Love, Unity

Attunes You to Sacred Archetypal Goddess Energies

Restores Our Crown - Our Knowing of Our Divine Nature

Heals Our Heart Space & Opens the Door to Our Divine Feminine Heart Portal

Restores Energy Sovereignty & Empowerment

Heals Ancestral Wounds & Energy

Decongests Our Sacred Womb Space

Unites Our Human Experiences & Expression With Our Divine Expression

Taps Us Into Our Unique Divine Feminine Energy & Nature

Yoni Healing

Sacred Yoni Stone Healing Series 

Reclaiming Our Sovereign Creative, Sexual, Sensual & Feminine Magic, Power & Energy